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Glastonbury Festival Steward’s Handbook 2019

A new and improved design of the book that lives in the back pockets (or bottom of backpacks) of 5,000 stewards working at Glastonbury Festival. It's the second year running I've led the creative for this project - working with provided wording and content but having pretty much free reign on the design.

The colour palette has been based on the steward's tabards - red and yellow. The wording provided was fairly heavy - so it was important to incorporate space and bits of illustration to enable everything to breathe. I led the front and back cover with some hand-drawn brush lettering, and inside focused on a clean and concise layout for text. This was important for example, for in an emergency situation where stewards might need to refer to the book for help.

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Old Market Plants

Having a studio in Old Market has its perks. Amongst being able to demolish cheese toasties from Alex Does Coffee, do meetings in 25a, and rummage though vintage furniture in Bristol Vintage, I've often found myself getting lost in the leaves in Old Market Plants. They have the most amazing houseplant offering I've ever known in this city, and you're bound to find the beautiful, unusual and luscious of the plant world here. Jamie and Ruth certainly know their stuff - so when I was contacted to see whether I wanted to help them create a logo for the store I was totally up for the challenge. Having had their shop exterior recently painted, with some clean condensed type as their signage, they were keen to have a bespoke logomark created that they could use on some of their shop windows, and on their website and social platforms. Something that would fit in with their open, friendly, understated presence.

The project started with LOTS of sketchpad time.




Going abstract (Quite liked these ones)



I was conscious not to let the brand come across as anything other than honest and knowledgable, as that's what they are. Earthy colours and illustration were ideas that came naturally forward, as was more traditional type.

Once we were happy with the pared back, leafy design, I played with some colour.


Earthy colourways

And applied the type...


The finished full logo


And now sits outside the Old Market Plants concession store at Glitch


Keep an eye out to see how Old Market's identity grows. And pop in for a houseplant while you're there...

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Crumpet I Up!

Oooh what do I love more; a hot buttery crumpet or my home city of Brizzle? Hard to choose. It's been a pleasure to have some fun with this little logo job for Crumpet I Up, a festival food stall for kids round 'ere. I needed to create a loveable character to embody that comforted feeling of biting into a crumpet when your resources are waining, with some bright and bold typography to catch your eye across the festival field.

Here's how my process went:

Necessary and relevant creative fuel


Initial pencil sketches




Character building


Scan in and work from Illustrator


Face holes




Introducing typography


The finished result


You can follow the adventures of Crumpet I Up on their Instagram here.

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Hands in the Air

A little brand refresh for Hands in the Air, a Bristol-based men's mental health charity - whose aim is to break down the stigma of mental health issues. They're a relatively new charity, and wanted to update their brand to more strongly communicate with their audience.


Their existing logo was needing a bit of an update


The client wanted to keep hands within the logo, but in a new style and much stronger looking


I chose to work with a bright orange, a standout shade that is bold and eye catching. When worked with some all-caps hand drawn lettering, the effect was just what I was after

Final logo




Call cards


To be continued...


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Kaizen – logo and identity

Kaizen translates to 'change for good' in Japanese. It's also the new brand name for a sportswear clothing company based in Wales that I'm working with. Kaizen designs, manufactures and sells premium sports clothing to organisations who might need them for groups or events. The fabrics are good quality and the brand message is clear; 'change for good' is an important part of their ethos.

The client needed a logo to start with - so below are a few options I developed...

Hand lettering then scanning in...

I thought it would be a good idea to develop a badge for each logo option - forward thinking to garment label design in the future.

The client has gone with option 3 - the most premium feeling of the lot. Work has now started to develop this now as a brand identity.

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Padma is born

I've been helping out my good friend Katy with some branding work for her new yoga business, Padma. She had a clear idea in her head about how she wanted her new logo and identity to look.

Padma transcribes to 'lotus' from Sanskrit. So it made sense to use the shape and form of a lotus flower within the logotype. Katy wanted to keep the shape as an outline to keep the design light, and I modified some of the inner lines to keep the shape as unique as possible.


Katy sees her business having strong botanical influences. With her background in floristry, and an interest in plants and how they can benefit wellbeing practices such as yoga, it seemed only right to create some visuals that reflected that. Inspired by Katy's recent trip to India, I created these tropical leaves to form a background pattern - which she now uses to header up her social media pages.


Book yourself onto one of Katy's classes by visiting her website here.